Why is property blank?


There is a bug in hubspot where engagements_last_meeting_booked property on the contact is set to the correct value when a meeting is booked through meetings but it remains blank when set using “Schedule” tab on the contact screen.

This is a huge inconsistency and needs to be resolved as soon as posisble.


I’m also now fully convinced that HS is the worst bit of software that I have dealt with in a long time. Huge amount of bugs, inconsistencies and limitations - drives me insane.


Hi @nick-goloborodko,

The ‘Last Meeting Booked’ property automatically updates based on meetings booked through the meetings tool. It was not designed to track meetings that were added manually to the contact timeline.


The whole meeting functionality in hubspot is extremly poorly thought out and implemented. Just because the document says that it is the way it works doesn't make it right. Inconsistency in implementation is one of the cardinal sins of software developement. Why are there many way to book a meeting - and none of them talk to each other? Why is it possible to link office 365 to meetings but not on the contact edit? Why when you remove a meeting the office 365 calendar does not update to reflect the change? Neither does it do it if you want to re-schedule?

Anyway, if you want to have the fun job of training our users and explaining to them these inconsistencies - please be my guest.

Nick Goloborodko