Why is the wrong Custom Module appearing on my landing page?


We have a HubSpot landing page which is trying to use a custom module that we created. This custom module was created to be used on this landing page, and when we are in edit mode we can see that this custom module is plugged into the page.

However, when the page is actually live, it is using a different custom module, and not the one that we selected (and which we can see is selected when in edit mode on the page). We can tell this because the wrong page name and page id are being passed through by the custom module, which is evident in the information we see on the contacts’ timeline, and when we inspect the page.

As far as we can tell, everything is setup correctly, and we have successfully used variations of this custom module on other landing pages without issue. Why might this be happening - could it be a bug of some kind?

All the best,