Why look of a contact properties on Contact page does not comply to type of a property?

  1. I added new property Contact Logo
    Settings->Contacts->Edit Properties->Create New Property->type in name “Contact Logo” and select type File Upload.

  2. If I click Preview button in Create New Property or Edit Property dialog I see upload field with “Choose File…” button.

  3. Now if I edit any contact in list View all properties that property looks like an text edit field, without any “Choose File…”. The same applies if I add the property to “About” block of the contact - it looks on page of the contact like plain text edit field too.

  4. I should add that similar thing applies to checkbox. Checkbox property on preview looks like real checkbox and on Contact page like dropdown list with Yes and No options.

Question: why it does not look like in preview?

  • am I doing something wrong?
  • is it by design?
  • is it a software bug?



Hi @boqapt

The preview button shows how the field would look when used in a HubSpot form, which may not match how the data appears in the HubSpot app.

File upload fields only store the URL of the file. The actual upload process is built into the form, so the form would upload the file as a separate process, then store the URL of that uploaded file in the contact property.

Internally, checkboxes store either true or false, and display Yes and No as the labels for those options when viewing the property in HubSpot, so you’ll see the two Yes and No options when viewing the property in HubSpot.