Why my home page can not find the lists navigation bar?



My page:

demo page:

How should i set it up so that it appears ?


Hi @phpstudyOne,

If you look at the far left of the navigation bar in each of your screenshots you will see that one says Sales and the other says Marketing. If you are in Sales and want to navigate to Lists, you would simply click on the word Sales (note the arrow next to it indicating it’s a drop down) and select Marketing. That will bring you from the Sales app to the Marketing app, where Lists will be available.




@phpstudyOne thanks for the additional screenshot. Right now you have Marketing Free, which does not include Lists. The demo page you referenced is from a portal with Marketing Professional. With your current product you can apply views in the CRM, however to use the Lists feature you will need to upgrade the portal to either Basic, Professional or Enterprise.