Will my HAPIkey let me fetch posts from someone elses blog?


I have a client with a HubSpot account and I need to fetch their blog posts using the API. Their blog is public, so I’m wondering if I’m able to get those posts without them needing to provide me their HAPIkey?

In the markup of their blog, I see a class with hs-blog-id-4730328763, so I tried hitting https://api.hubapi.com/content/api/v2/blogs/4730328763?hapikey={myHAPIKEY} but that just returns “resource not found”.


@jonny The HAPIkey is portal specific so you will need their HAPIkey.


Is it possible to retrieve posts from other blogs without their HAPIkey? I’d like minimal permissions to their account and it seems like overkill from them to give me their key, especially when I can always just parse the blog RSS feed.


@jonny you could do it by OAuth token and that token can have limited permissions.