Wordpress and Divi integrations



I'm having problems getting Divi (wordpress theme) to accept my marketing free credentials. It is asking for an API (which I have) but also a list name. As a marketing free user I don't have a list name. I have tried my HUB ID and account name but neither work.

Does anyone know what the name of the default list is in the account? Maybe that would work?

I have also tried Divis "Bloom" plugin but although it can see my account, it can't find any lists...

I am not a pro developer so go easy on me!


Hi @Tim_Dyer1,

I'm not particularly familiar with Divi, but it sounds like they're requesting access to the lists tool, which isn't included with HubSpot Marketing Free. I'd recommend trying to reach out to the Divi team for more information on what tools are required to properly use the HubSpot <-> Divi integration.