Wordpress Integration using Gravity Forms > Hubspot Plugin


I am currently working on a Wordpress site that is using Gravity Forms. I am using the plugin Hubspot for Gravity Forms plugin

I want to test the integration and make sure it is properly integrated with Hubspot before I push the site live. How do I do this as my credentials I provided the plugin are based on my live site domain. My dev site has a different URL.


Hi @robcurry12,

I'm not entirely familiar with this integration, but you might consider installing this integration to a test portal first (using your dev site) and then install the plugin to your production portal (using your production site) once you've thoroughly tested the connection.


@robcurry12 Were you successful? I am about to try the same plugin. :slight_smile:



We suggest below form plugin add-on.

Gravity Forms - HubSpot Integration

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Totally agree with you integrating all of your favorite services with your word press forms is easy with Gravity forms.