Worflow for deals?


I have a few questions regarding workflow and deals:

  1. Is there a way to create a workflow that automagically updates the dealstage when another property changes?
  2. Is there a way to update a deal property base on a contact property change? For example, if a contact has no phone number, can we update all deals of the contact and set them to ‘’unreachable’’ in a newly created deal property?
  3. Same question but the other way around, for example to change a contact’s lifecycle stage when a deal is won.

I know this forum is supposed to be mostly for developers tools (API, webhooks, and the likes) and this isn’t exactly the case for these questions, but I didn’t find a better place to ask them publicly.


There is a lot you can do with the workflow for manipulating fields/properties For a deal you can only create one and not modify it. This is because one contact could be associated to multiple deals.

If you need help setting these up I would watch the videos first to learn more about them.


If you still need assistance after that then I would reach out to support.