Workaround on Blog list filtering


Hi team! We were going over the documentation

And we confirmed that filtering by topic_id is not supported. Do we have a workaround?

End goal is for customers to see certain blog posts.



Hi @Walter_Cervantes,

What exactly is the end goal? Are they hoping to display only posts from a certain topic? They might be able to use the topic RSS feed for their specific blog topic:


Thank very much for your help this is exactly what i required, precisely that my friend, “display only posts from a certain topic” thats what i want to achieve.

What you just said is great help! much appreciate it i was having issues with the API since the people i work for decided to add all posts in within one unique blog, so right now im rebasing JSON max char limit, i really needed a way to either filter the blogs by topic or in such a case another format just like XML :smiley: having this filtered will make my life easy!!!

One last question, is there a way to list all of the different blog tags? via same url with path /rssxml/ ?


Hi @Jonathan_Barquero,

That’s correct, the following format can be applied to any topic:


Sorry i meant what url should i use to list all of my tags? (not to get posts/articles that belongs to a certain topic/tag i understood that part and actually just finished the integration so thanks again this really made my life easy, have no idea)


Hi @Jonathan_Barquero,

The RSS feed for your blog (all topics) is the blog root URL with /rss.xml appended to the end. e.g.


i’m new to hubspot’s developer community. we recently signed up for hubspot. our blog is hosted on hubspot but our site is hosted separately. i’m trying to make a server-side api call to pull hubspot blogs that are tagged as “featured” and show them on our website’s homepage. (side note: our blog already has a tag called ‘featured’ and blogs have that tag appropriately applied)

if i understand this thread correctly, i will have to:
1.) get the rss.xml feed for my tag:

this gives me link, title, description, tags, author and publish date for posts, but not the featured image. so then, how do i get the featured image for a post using the rss feed method?

ideally, i should be able to:

1.) use the topics api to get the topic_id for the ‘featured’ tag:[my-hapikey]&name__icontains=featured

2.) query the blog post api and pass in a tag id:[my-hapikey]&topic_ids=[my_tags_topic_id]

do you have any estimates when the api will be fixed? any other workarounds that you can suggest?


Hi @devenh,

The featured image should be included in the RSS feed as an img tag with the class hs-featured-image. It's not currently possible to pull blog posts based on the topic via the blog posts API.