Workarounds for changing internal names



Hi there,

I'm new to the HubSpot community, so my apologies if this question is already addressed somewhere in the docs.

I'm working with a company to prepare their data for a back-up to Redshift with Stitch, and I see that many of our property names have drifted quite far from the internal names associated with them. I can see this creating a bit of a headache downstream. I understand that internal names are not editable, yet am curious what others have done in similar situations.

Perhaps there is a way I can copy all data from an existing property to a property with a new name (to generate the appropriate internal name), then ensure the property is associated with all relevant forms and workflows and delete the original?




Welcome, @Sio!

I can't speak to what folks have done in similar circumstances, so I'll leave that to the wider community.

That said, I can help explore the options afforded by our app and APIs.

You can create, update, and delete properties, as well as retrieve object property options, so you could generate new properties with identical options using our properties APIs, but copying an object's property value to a new property would require much more logic on your end using an object API like the Contacts API to check existing property values and set new ones. You could simplify the "copying" by setting up a workflow and then enrolling the contacts you pull via the API via the Workflows API.

At that point, though, it may just be easier to do everything in-app. For example, creating the new custom properties with the desired internal names, building lists of contacts with "known" values for the old properties and "unknown" values for their new counterparts, and then using these lists and the enrollment triggers for workflows which just copy the desired property value into the new property.


Thanks for this answer! I like the idea you've suggested re: using a custom property, list of the old property contacts, and then an enrollment trigger to make the copy. I'll give it a try!


Sounds good, @Sio! Let me know how this goes.