Workflow API not returning workflows enrolled in


I am making a GET request to the following address and not getting anything in response when I can look in the dashboard and see that a specific contact is enrolled in multiple workflows.



Did you include the Contact ID in the request?



Yes, I did. I am using the full url including the contact id. I assume the contact id to pass would be the vid on the contact. Is that correct?



I am experiencing the same problem right now. In HubSpot, I can see that the contact is enrolled in three workflows, yet when I query the API endpoint, I get an empty array.

I have a contact with VID = 10951 and I know he has been enrolled into workflow “Direct Sales” with ID = 1751271. When I try to GET data from
I get 200 OK, but the response body contains only [].

Btw. I am using OAuth, so I’m sending the access token in the header of the HTTP request, like this:
Authorization = Bearer CKOJg4qx…

A week ago it worked well, but now it seems to be broken.