Workflow does not trigger during re-subscription but Opted-out preference is updated as expected


We are working on integrating email preferences (subscriptions) settings between product and Hubspot. Product should keep user subscription preferences state. User can opt-out from a subscription preference from product and from Hubspot communication preferences in email and we want to keep those in sync. These preferences are saved in Hubspot as Opted-out email preferences. We have workflows configured to trigger webhooks in product when Opted out preference is updated in Hubspot.
Unsubscribe workflow works: it checks if Opted-out property is set to Yes and fires the webhook.
Subscribe workflow does not trigger: it checks if Opted-Out property is not set to YES. We also tried adding additional conditions checking if Opt-out is NO or unknown. Still this workflow does not trigger when user re-subscribes via Hubspot communication preferences. Opt-out email preference is updated as expected.

Thanks for help.


Hi @Eva

Can you send me a link to the subscribe workflow so I can take a look at the settings? Is there a specific contact record I could also look at that should have triggered that workflow?


Hi there,
here is one workflow:

We we relaying on OPT out email contact properties to trigger those.
Opted out of email: Messaging from Communities on Chimp
Opted out of email: News about Chimp

Please note that unsubscribe workflow works:

Thank you for your help!


Using the criteria {subscription property} is unknown will effectively enroll any new contacts. The specific subscription properties won’t actually be set for contacts until they unsubscribe, so when the contact is created the property would be unknown. It would only be set for the first time when a record unsubscribed, at which point the value would be Yes. If they resubscribe, we remove the Yes value, so the property would be set to blank.

Were you previously only using the is not equal to Yes. filter? I see several contacts going through the resubscribe workflow over the past few days but again the current criteria would be enrolling new contacts.


Hello David,
thank you for your reply. I updated re-subscribe workflow to only tests for {subscription property} is not equal to Yes as you suggested and the workflow is now triggering on re-subscribe from Hubspot communication preferences page and calling the web hook.
What you saw on some contacts before was most likely when we manually tested our workflows to test our web hooks.

Thank you so much for your help!