Workflow Enrollment Date



Does anyone know if the Workflow Enrollment Date is saved when enrolling a contact? Where can I access it through the Web API?


Hi @aj.smith,

The date a contact is enrolled in a particular workflow isn’t stored in a contact property; instead, you can make a request to the current enrollment endpoint. The request takes a contact’s vid and returns the JSON for the workflows that the contact is currently enrolled in.


Thanks Derek. I am using this endpoint in my project, but it does not contain the date that the contact was enrolled into the workflow. Hubspot’s website shows this information so I am assuming it is being stored somewhere. Is there an endpoint that would return this date?


Hi @aj.smith,

I understand, thank you for clarifying! You can use the Log events endpoint to get a workflow’s log events. You can filter these events by type and/or vid to limit the results. In your case, you could make a request like this:


With the following filter JSON:

“vid”: 34,
“types”: [


This is great stuff Derek, I didn’t realize that I can pull the timestamp from this. Thanks!