Workflow error: "Webhook failed: SSL error"


As part of a workflow, I am triggering a webhook that makes a POST request to one of my application servers. I noticed that the webhook was not working, and in the workflow history it says Webhook failed: SSL error for each enrolled contact. There is no additional information and the logs on my application server are not showing any errors. The certificate is fine at the domain, and I have not updated any settings recently. (This problem just started yesterday - July 19, 2016.) Any ideas what could be causing this cryptic error? This is fairly urgent as the webhook triggered part of our application’s user registration process.


I’ve got a similar problem, does anyone have pointers?
@noahbornstein, do you have any update to share?

Webhooks to https fails without details

@fonji A Hubspotter reached out to me via PM to check the logs for my portal. By that time, the issue had seemed to resolve itself (was within 24 hours). I’m not sure what caused the problem, but it hasn’t happened since. I would call support and try to have them escalate the issue with engineering so someone takes a look at your logs.


Thanks for the update!
@dadams asked me to contact him, I guess it will soon be working.