Workflow Integration with ZipWhip


We just integrated HubSpot with ZipWhip. A mobile text messaging tool that allows us to text within HubSpot to a customer.

We’ve created a workflow, where the enrollment triggers are set and then webhook is added to send information to ZipWhip. What I’m missing is where/how the text message is sent. We would like an automated text to be sent to the customers enrolled in the workflow. ZipWhip’s software engineers are telling us that the actual text body is held in HubSpot.

Does anyone have any experience with this? I’m getting conflicting answers from both ZipWhip and HubSpot support and was directed to post here.


Hi @mackenzie,

I’m not familiar with ZipWhip, but it looks like they’re using the workflow webhook action to trigger an action in their platform. If that’s the case, then the request coming from HubSpot will only include the raw contact data. Where did ZipWhip tell you the text body was supposed to be in HubSpot?