Workflow Web Hook, pass email content/media to endpoint


Is it possible when we a create a web hook within a workflow, to pass a copy of email that was sent, to the end point. Or pass a reference to the email template that was sent.


Our workflow sends email to customer, then triggers a web hook to our CRM. We want to be able to reference the content of the email permanently. So if we ever have to review a customers account in our CRM, we can review all correspondence sent.

It looks like the simplest solution would be to extract a email template ID out of the JSON object that was passed. Is it possible to do this? If so how do we reference the email template via URL.


Hi @chuck.marshall

Webhooks sent as part of a workflow will only contain the details of the contact, and we don’t currently have an API to get the content of any emails that would be sent from HubSpot.

If you want to get the content of all emails, the only way we currently have to do that would be through the compliance copy feature:


So the problem with this option is, when we send out emails to 80k customers. There is a BCC for every email sent. Thats 80k emails in our email box.

There has to be a better way. Please advise.


Is there perhaps some way to reference or repull a template via the API?