Workflow webhook fails frequently


Hi there,

We currently used webhooks on form submissions to add specific information to our database. We do this for detailed reporting.

We have noticed recently that the webhook is doing what it should for a few random contacts. It does work for majority of our contacts but for about 20% of them it doesn’t work.

It is imperative for us to trust that this functionality is working 100%.

I would appreciate help for me to get to the bottom of this issue and resolving it at the earliest



Hi @pratik.thakkar,

Can you send me a link to the workflow you’re referring to?


Hi Derek,

Here is the link to the workflow



What’s the error returned from the webhooks? Timeout or 500?


We are not recording errors. However, when we investigated about 20 form submissions were not processed out of 80 odd submissions


If you look in the history of the workflow enrolments, it will tell you what the error code of the webhooks is


Hi @pratik.thakkar,

I jumped into that workflow, but I didn’t see any recent webhook failures. Can you give me a specific example contact for whom the webhook failed?


This is one of the contacts…


Hi Derek,

Have you been able to look into this?





Just noticed, most of the issues occurred between 17th to 24th of Jan, 2018


Hi @pratik.thakkar,

Thanks for your patience, I was out sick last week. I went ahead and jumped into your portal to take a look at the workflow and example contact you provided, and it appears that the webhook action executed successfully. That doesn’t guarantee that no issues occurred in general; it just means that the webhook request was sent and HubSpot received a successful response. Can you give me some more info on what went wrong with that contact?