Working locally with HUBL Server


So I'm attempting to get set up using HUBL Server to begin developing locally. I have followed the documentation and have gotten to the point where I can view the Template Links. However, this is where things start veering away from the default Vast theme I was referencing.

The 'page' folder in the Vast theme contains HTML files whereas my 'page' folder contains only JavaScript and CSS files. The Vast theme has a 'custom-modules' folder with JSON files containing everything needed to build a module whereas my theme has only a 'modules' folder that contains folders which contain fields.json, meta.json, module.css, module.html, and module.js files.

I'm totally new to HubSpot so I'm not sure why these themes aren't similar. I would really appreciate any assistance getting these modules output on the page like the Vast theme. It seems like once I get over this hurdle I can work on building out templates in my local development workflow. Can someone point me in the right direction?


@devoidofgenius I am stuck at the same spot as you are. Have you made any progress since you made this post?


Hi @Gareth and @devoidofgenius,

Apologies for the delay, this post slipped under my radar. The default content that comes with the local hubl server doesn't directly reflect what you would see in your portal. The server itself in only used to render content locally. If you want to pull actual content from your portal, you'll want to use FTP; check out the following article on using FTP and a local HubL server:


@Derek_Gervais I'm following this issue as well. In my case, there does not appear to be any content available via FTP. I'm able to see the HTML, CSS, and JS for each module's template, but there does not seem to be a way for me to populate any example content (or real content pulled from production) on my local setup. This leaves me with modules that mostly render empty because there is no content to support their conditional rendering / behaviors.


Hi @andrew-boyd,

Jeff Boulter recently reached out on another topic re. pulling existing data: