WP Plugin not linking with Hubspot dashboard


When I activate the WP Hubspot Plugin it recognises that I have a Hubspot account and seems to connect to it, but then gets stuck here:

I click 'Log in to your account' and it connects me through to my Hubspot dashboard but when I return to WP and refresh - nothing changes!

I've tried logging out of Hubspot, clicking the link THEN logging back in to Hubspot, removing and re-installing the Plugin and every other conceivable permutation I can think of and nothing seems to work!

Please help!


Also, when I try to integrate Hubspot with Thrive Themes on WP, I generate an API key in my Hubspot account, enter it in the required field and get this:


Again, I have tried deleting the API key, creating a fresh one and trying again but same error every time - could there be a common problem blocking both the Hubspot Plugin from linking to my dash and the Hubspot API key not being accepted by Thrive Themes API connections - Hubspot is on their dropdown menu of compatible APIs

All help and pointers appreciated - I'm having a frustrating morning so far!


Hi @PaulNotSmall,

I'm not entirely sure what's going on, but it doesn't appear that the two issues are related. Which Wordpress plugin are you working with? We've recently deprecated the old-old Wordpress plugin, so it's possible that you need to migrate to a newer version:

Regarding the Thrive Themes; you'll likely need to contact them for more information on that error, but my guess would be the integration requires access to tools that your portal doesn't have (e.g. perhaps Lists?).

Finally; I'm happy to help out, but for issues related to in-app functionality like this you can also contact our Support team by clicking on the 'Help' widget in the bottom right hand corner of your portal.