Wrong scopes or how to get real features


Hi people! Today I have really hard task:

  1. Integrate Blog to my cms. Already Done
  2. Check is account have scopes( or features doesnt matter) to use Blog. Maybe its impossible
    Example: Hub ID 4885965 "Sales Free","Marketing Free". I request scope : 'contacts' and , 'optional_scope' : 'content'.
    In your documentation: "content - All COS APIs, Calendar API, Email and Email Events APIs - Basic, Professional, or Enterprise Marketing". Ok, this account dont have needed permissions, no problem. Bu when i get current token details i have "scopes: oauth,contacts,content". And this is problem because I cant check real scopes/features of account and can`t disable or enable needed Api in my crm. Please Help me, Maybe Hubspot api has hidden request to get account features or each other. It is really big problem


Welcome, @Alex_Soho!

To confirm, are you asking why this endpoint returns content in the scopes array even for a Marketing Hub Free account?

I have been able to replicate this behavior and can see why this would be very confusing. After I receive confirmation from you, I will investigate further with my team.