Wrong value in Timeline header template



for some reason Contact Timeline event header do not shown properly.

i have property in event, but in event Header it always shown as "0"
but in Detail template it shown properly.

In screenshot the same value properly rendered in Detail template as “2” and wrong show “0” in Header template

Also when i get Event by api with Accept: text/html, this value rendered properly.


Hi @Alexey_Syrok,

Does this occur when updating an event that includes a variable (i.e. {{percent_watched}} ) in the header? If so, this is a known issue that product is working on. I’ll updated here when I have more information.


Yes, we periodically update this property percentWatched.

thank you for response, waiting for fix this issue.


Hi @Alexey_Syrok,

Just wanted to give you a quick update. Product has identified the issue, and is now working on a fix. The issue is/was only affecting the display of the header; the properties were updating correctly, and list segmentation was functioning properly. I’ll post here again once a fix has been deployed.


Hi @Alexey_Syrok,

Thank you for your patience. This issue has now been resolved; if you see this issue again, please don’t hesitate to reach out here.