X-Header Support? Internal Email Campaigns Caught by Email Security


The issue that we are running into is related to internal marketing campaigns.

Our marketing team creates internal marketing campaigns in HubSpot, to send to our own employees. When we do this, our email security platform sees them as spam/bulk mail and filters them. We are looking for a solution to successfully deliver email marketing campaigns from HubSpot to our own employees without opening up the risk of getting spammed by all other HubSpot customers. Does Hubspot have x-Header support? Unfortunately safe sender will not work because the FROM: addresses are all unique IDs. Our thought is that if we could leverage x-Header information, we can create rules in our email security appliance to whitelist those emails that include the x-Header. The other option that we have been offered is purchasing dedicated IP, but we would rather not make the investment, if the only benefit is email whitelisting.
Any assistance or ideas are much appreciated.

Thank you,


Hi @jalbuquerque,

We don't currently allow for any additional x headers; one option you could look into is to add an email sending domain, and then whitelist the "d=theirdomain.com" part of the dkim headers.