Your Portal does not currently have access to this content



I am hoping to access the Contacts information through the API to pull this data into our internal application. However, when I login to Hubspot (I have both the Account administrator, Developers administrator roles), I am not seeing the “Integrations” menu item under Settings.
Also, when I try to use the to get the API Key, I am getting this message
Access Denied
Your Portal does not currently have access to this content. If you would like access, please contact your Customer Success Manager in order to upgrade your subscription.

What am I missing? I am attaching the screenshot as well. Any help greatly appreciated !




Looks like I have been given access to a developer account created by the manager, I had to add a test portal to get access to the Integration menu and generate a API key. But this portal is just a test portal, but do not see any of our contacts/eads there.

What am I missing?



Hi @xz00fx

Developer accounts don’t have access to the normal HubSpot tools, they’ll only have access to the developer tools, which include app creation and setup, and creating test portals. While developer accounts do have a Developer HAPIkey, that key can only be used for setting up things like the Webhooks And Timeline APIs.

Test portals are completely separate portals that can be used for testing without affecting your existing data. Test portals will not copy data from any other existing portal when they’re created, so anything you’ve previously created in a separate portal (either a separate test portal or a paid subscription portal) will not appear in the test portal.


Thanks @dadams,

Our company has a paid subscription portal that we want to pull contacts from. I will have to track down who owns this. I am assuming once I do this, then the person administrating this portal will have to generate an API key for me so I can pull actual contact data?

Am I missing something?



@xz00fx you have that correct. API keys are portal specific, so the key for the test portal would only get data from the test portal.

You would need an administrator for the subscription portal to get the key from that portal, and that key would only get data from the subscription portal.