Youtube-Videos don't work anymore



Since today, our Video integration doesn't work anymore on our Website (it says: "invalid parameters")
This is the link:
Does anyone know, why this could be?

Happy about help!
Best, Michaela


Hi @Michaela_Schutzinger,

I'm seeing some console errors on that page, but I'm not entirely sure if they're related. Can you give me some more information on where you're seeing the "invalid parameters" error? Also if possible, could you give me some info on how you're pulling these Youtube videos onto your page? It's possible that the issue is related to the Youtube APIs you're using.


Hi Derek,

I see the invalid parameters when I click on one of the videos. So instead of starting the video, it says 'invalid parameters'. Hubspot migrated our website from wordpress last year, so most of the modules we are using are customized. In this case, the module is called 'Video and image slider content'. We have to fill in the "Youtube-ID" and normally then the videos work. But somehow they don't anymore since a few days.

Thank you!


Hi @Michaela_Schutzinger,

It looks like your YouTube iframe embed includes an origin parameter which is supposed to be set to the domain (e.g. but is currently being set to the full URL (e.g. I'm having trouble finding how exactly this origin parameter is being populated, but that seems to be the issue. Can you give me a link to the JavaScript file that's generating these embeds?


Hi @Derek_Gervais,

I actually don't have the Java-Script file. Because the site was migrated from HubSpot & I am just using the platform as marketer at the moment. But the videos worked until last week, so probably there were some changes made by Youtube/HubSpot?



Hi @Michaela_Schutzinger,

Since the issue appears to be with the format of the parameters in the YouTube embed code, my guess would be that they recently stopped allowing a full URL in the domain parameter. Do you have a web developer responsible for your site that can take a look? I can jump in and take another look but I can't guarantee when I'd be able to work out a fix.


Hi @Derek_Gervais,

I don't have a responsible web developer at the moment, so it would be awesome if you could take a look.