Zapier and Google Sheets Automation


I'm looking for a solution to try to automate updates to google sheets attached to a hubspot profile. I've played around on Zapier a little bit, but am a bit nervous to mess up my student accounts. Any ideas how to program this through Zapier? Thanks!


I think a bit more information on you question is required. Are you trying to update just 1 specific google sheet, and what information and your trying to automate? You also noted that the sheet was "attached to a hubspot profile" but im not sure what you mean by that. Is it just that the email for the google account is the same as the hubspot account?


Here's a little more background on what I'm trying to automate.... I work for a small school and have all of our student transcripts on google sheets via google docs. All of our students have a hubspot profile as well. What I would like to do is attach their student transcript to their personal hubspot profile, that way all of their info is in one spot. Currently, you can attach a document to the hubspot profile, but once attached you can't update it. I would need to update it on google sheets then re-save and re-attach it each time a student completes another course. Ideally, I would like to go to the student's hubspot profile and update their transcript (the google sheet) directly from hubspot. Thanks in advance! Kristi