Zapier! Can't find the HubSpot "vid" data expected in a Zapier HubSpot "New Contact" trigger



As discussed here..

We have this issue ^. For some domains we need to inhibit HubSpot's default behaviour of generating a new contact (and associated email) when it comes across email addresses it's never seen before.

Since there's presently no way to do this with HubSpot I'm trying to follow the advice of "junerose" (in the post linked to above) and use Zapier for this purpose.

My problem is that at Stage 5 I'm meant to use the "vid" pulled in from Stage 1. Stage 1 uses a "New Contact" HubSpot Zapier trigger to fire the a Zapier ZAP when a new contact is created in HubSpot. Stage 5 is meant to use the "vid" from stage 1 within a Zapier PUT webhook to delete the blacklisted contact.

However, there is no "vid" data (pulled in from the "New Contact" HubSpot Zapier trigger) available o use at stage 5.

Any help much appreciated.


Hi @madhavaji,

It looks like you linked to a contact record in HubSpot instead of another topic; can you respond with a link to the topic you're referring to?


Gosh darn it. So I did.

Here's the real link..

Thanks for noticing and pinging me..



Hi @madhavaji,

Thanks for updating with the topic in question. First thing I want to mention; this is a pretty complicated workaround, and it involved automatically and permanently unsubscribing contacts from all email from HubSpot, which cannot be undone and isn't generally recommended. This post might also be addressing a problem that no longer exists; you can specify emails/domains to never log emails for: