Zapier Deal integration don't return a contact email


I am trying to integrate by Zapier a new deal in stage with google sheets but in step 2 that I need find a contact, following Zapier support you are delivering just ID of a contact as information and told me that they requested this update of feature to you. Follow the answer of them.

"I've been doing some digging on my end and I believe I found the trouble. It looks like Hubspot has built the integration to only return the contact ID associated with a Deal. Unfortunately, the Find Contact step was designed to use Name or Email to search for a contact.

We have sent a feature request to Hubspot to have the integration updated so that the Deal triggers will also return Contact info. However, Hubspot has not responded to our feature request for this functionality in a quite a while. Unfortunately, this is likely going to prevent us from setting up the workflow you have in mind. :frowning:

I've added you to the feature request for this functionality. However, Hubspot themselves build and manage the integration and their dev team would be the ones who need to update the information that is returned. I would recommend reaching out to them directly and let them know you're interested in having this data in Zapier. I'm sure they would appreciate the feedback here.

I apologize for the inconvenience, please let me know if there is anything I can do to help."

Could you give atention for this demand please?



Hi @Braulio,

I can't guarantee any action on Zapier's feature request, but I'm happy to take a look and share your feedback with the team. Please share a link to Zapier's post on the HubSpot Community Ideas Forum.


Hi @Isaac_Takushi, I really not understand you offer an integration by Zapier when you can not find a contact associated a deal. The only way to find an email associated a deal is use it in the wrong way. I really need this as solution. Any plans to just show a contact connected in a deal?



No, currently there are no plans to surface a contact's email address on a deal — just the vid.

Do you have a link to Zapier's feature request? Is it published on the HubSpot Community Ideas Forum? Please share it if Zapier support gave it to you so I can pass it along.