Zapier Integration searching Companies leads to error


We have a Zapier integration that syncs company info we have in Intercom to HubSpot. But it keeps erroring out. The step that is causing the problem is when Zapier is searching for the company to be updated in HubSpot. I checked in with Zapier and they let me know the following is occuring:

"for these searches, Zapier can't get the search results for a specific company in one request to HubSpot's API. Instead, we can only get a page of 250 companies at a time in the results. So what we have to do is:

  1. Get the list of the first 250
  2. See if the company is in that first 250 - if it is, return that result
  3. Get the list of the next 250
  4. See if the company is in that next 250 - if it is, return that result
    ...and so on, until we either find the company in the search or run out of companies and decide there isn't a match.

For people with relatively small numbers of companies in HubSpot, that works fine. It also can work fine if the company name that's being searched is, by chance, returned relatively early in the HubSpot search results. But I'm guessing you probably have several thousand companies or more? When that's the case, unfortunately, we can't get through the results from HubSpot fast enough to find whether there's a match before the step hits the global timeout limit for Zapier steps"

Is there any way to change this functionality on your end so the integration wouldn't have to search through so many lists and wouldn't timeout?

(I noticed this other topic that seemed like a possible solution Only 250 companies returned by get all companies api)


Hello Joe. I cannot speak to the broader issue, but I do not believe the other topic you found points to a possible solution. The paging functionality via the offset parameter Derek suggested in that topic is the same procedure the Zapier rep was referring to, I think.


That makes sense. Thanks for the tip. Let me know if you or anyone else finds more on a solution for this.