Zapier webhook trigger when company/contact update



I am planning to use zapier to trigger company/contact when update then also update suscriber list in mailchimp.

I did read some article, there is some solution which have to use workflow to get the trigger.

I am seeking any alternative way beside using workflow?

Thank you.


@Ray If you are using Zapier they should be able to set up the triggers for you. If you were to build it out yourself you could use a workflow to trigger the webhook.



Sorry, if lets say i am using the free version, there is no workflow function.
Is there any alternative way i could trigger the update?

Thank you.


@Ray you could create a developers account and set up a webhook subscription based off a property change on a Contact/Company.



I have follow the webhook document to create a subscription.
Object: Company
Event: Property change: name

May I know what is the Test subscription url that i have to insert?
i did try<>/subscriptions, system return message Something’s not quite right.


@Ray can you post the full error message please?


Is there my settings have problem?


@Ray the Web-hooks API is made to be used in code or maybe PostMan. You can’t use the endpoints in the apps that you make in a devloper account. If you make a web-hook there then you need to catch it on one of your servers or use a tool like request bin.


Thank you for your answer, i will try on the way now.
Just another question is same,from zapier there is a trigger on contact property change, but if i want to create a function to trigger when company property change, it is same have to use web-hook api?

Thank you.


@Ray Yes you can set that up via a web hook for Company properties as well.