Zoom Webinar Webhook returning error "missing “en-us.inlineErrors.errors.undefined” translation"


We are using a webhook trigger in HubSpot to submit registrations to our Zoom webinar, but I'm seeing an error come up for some of the registrations. What does this mean? This error only occurred for registrations on November 1st around 8-10AM PT.

Trigger a webhook action skipped.
[missing “en-us.inlineErrors.errors.undefined” translation]


Hi @emlee, are you using a webhook trigger in a workflow? If so, can you reply to this thread with that workflow and a contact in HubSpot that threw this error? It's possible this error was thrown if the link was an HTTP link since we require secure links for Webhooks now. Perhaps SSL provisioning went down, but that's just a thought.


Hi Connor, yes we were using a webhook trigger in a workflow.

Here is the workflow: https://app.hubspot.com/workflows/2712474/flow/3498738/edit

Here is an example of a contact who threw an error: https://app.hubspot.com/contacts/2712474/contact/6864/?interaction=note


Hey @emlee, that looks like a java error that didn't handle properly (an "us" problem, not on you or the webhook). Were these registrants properly POSTed to your webhook URL? It seems like it didn't affect any actual functionality, but want to make sure. I just reached out to my team about this issue and hope we can get a fix as soon as possible to make those errors "human readable".


Hi @Connor_Barley, thanks for looking into this. Please keep me updated for when your team has a fix! Registrants who threw the error were not POSTed properly and did not end up getting registered. Though we did have one person register twice and the webhook worked on the second registration but not the first.


hmm that's strange. i'll keep you posted on the fix


Hi @emlee, I got some clarification on what happened with these contacts. Your account has had Marketing Pro since 2016, which means that you should have been grandfathered into the "Trigger a Webhook" action on November 1, 2018. Many accounts, however, were not grandfathered into this action until later in the day, when the team realized that eligible portals did not have access to all of the actions they should have. The errors that you identified were related to the brief lack of access to the webhook action.

Since your account has been grandfathered into the action, we can therefore be certain that you will not run into these errors moving forward.

To fix the affected contacts, you should be able to enable manual re-enrollment for this workflow and manually re-enroll the affected contacts into the workflow to ensure that the webhook step is completed as expected. Let me know if you have questions!


Ah, gotcha. Thanks for figuring out what was going on @Connor_Barley !


No problem, @emlee !